Busting the Myths – Pro Bodybuilders’ Routines Will Make Me Huge

I’ve seen beginners grab a bodybuilding magazine from the shelf and following pro bodybuilders’ training routines. These people have muscle gains at the beginning, but quickly plateau. I bet most of them have no clue why this is. I mean, think about it. It is logical that if one wants to have muscle gains, then one should train like people with the most muscle gains. That will give fast results, right?

Not quite so.

Pro bodybuilding routines are designed for pro bodybuilders. These people train for hours every day, and still have good muscle gains. What’s so different about them and you? Well, for starters most of the pro bodybuilders use steroids. You can search the Internet for pictures of natural bodybuilders and compare them. Pro bodybuilders are a lot bigger than natural bodybuilders. The steroids allow them to recover a lot faster, and that’s when you get muscle gains, when you’re recovering.

As normal people, we will not have results with these routines SARMs results Before And After because our body is not able to handle such loads. The recovery process would take too long, and the routines don’t allow enough time for this.

You should instead strive for a well-balanced training routine that allows enough time for your body to recover. For example, you could do a whole-body routine 1 day on and two days off. Those 48 hours between training sessions are vital for your body to compensate for the damage you induced.

Also, if you’re doing a split training routine, then make sure you give each muscle you train about 48 hours to recover. Remember, your muscles do not grow at the gym; they grow when you’re sleeping, watching TV, and eating.

Speaking of eating, it’s really important that you eat enough calories to support the amount of exercise you’re doing. As bodybuilders, we do not have the energy requirements of normal people. We have higher energy requirements because of the catabolic effect triggered after our training sessions. This effect needs a lot of calories in order to do its work throughout your body.